Ravenous Reviews

I can’t stop eating these cookies. They’re insanely delicious. Help!

– Jessica Fuller


These are just crazy-delicious – and I am very picky!

Priya Doty

My Happy Place

The perfect combo-salty, sweet, crispy, crunchy. They take me to my happy place.

Allie Tarantino


I happened to stumble across these cookies at a holiday pop-up a bunch of years ago. I looked, chuckled at the name, and kept walking. Something made me turn back and try one. I didn’t hesitate for a second and bought a bag. Wish I had bought more. Each year since, I get 4 bags for Christmas. And can’t seem to give any away. It’s only Jan 8th and my daughter and I are on the last bag… Neither of us has a particularly sweet tooth, mind you. If you haven’t tried them, you simply must!

Dale K.


My package arrived and it was obvious to see that care and attention has been applied. I gifted some of the packs so others could experience the amazing Peppermint Crunch. They did not disappoint. Truly a wonderful crunch made with the best ingredients and amazing love and talent! Would recommend a hundred times over!!!

Shash P.

Light enough to enjoy guilt-free and good enough to be satisfying!

– Nancy H.


This was a hard experience for me. I had to control myself in eating them, and that was not easy. They are soooooo good!! I told my niece and nephew all about them and your web site. My big problem is being diabetic so I must not lose myself over these and eat them like I’d want. And I want!!!

Eugene S.


I will definitely order again. I saw you on Fox News and ordered the 8 pack before Christmas. I used as hostess gifts, mixed in with my own Christmas goodies, and actual Christmas gifts. The sweet/salty taste is amazing.

Suellen S.


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