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Legally Addictive Foods moves to Asheville

We can’t believe this is actually happening and that we finally get to share it with you. After starting Legally Addictive from a tiny NYC apartment kitchen 7 years ago, we are relocating ourselves, our business and several of our team to Asheville, North Carolina! 


The decision to move out of NYC didn’t happen overnight. We realized years ago that we couldn’t grow beyond being super small in a city where real estate is so wildly expensive. Making a physical product takes space. You need room to produce, space to ship, you need storage to buy your raw materials in bulk and store a million boxes. And then you need more storage! We moved 4 times and built two custom kitchens in the past 6 years and in the past year, we have been bursting at the seams. 


Truthfully, we would never be Legally Addictive Foods without New York. It’s in every single thing we do. The locals love their hometown brands and they love their entrepreneurs. We also had unparalleled exposure and tons of luck here being in the right place at the right time many times. Shout out to anyone who is still here from our appearance on Good Morning America in 2016! We even have a cookie that’s an homage to the everything bagel, every New Yorkers' favorite. Never toasted and with scallion cream cheese, right?


But we are SO excited for this move and to join the food and business community in Asheville! We’ve received the warmest of welcomes and have met some other incredible female business owners who have been a source of support and encouragement. (It's the most gorgeous of places, if you haven’t been. But only if you like green mountains, waterfalls, and an amazing food and art scene.)


Our last day of Brooklyn operations is July 13th. July 18th is the day we'll officially be North Carolinians. But we'll always be New Yorkers. 



Laura, Seth, James, Carina, Madeline, Tim, Fraimy and Brandon. And our dogs Kirby and Phoebe